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Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Scale Flour Mill
Author:Admin Time:2013-8-15

        There are different types of large, medium and small scale flour mill in flour processing industry, and the production capacity is also different between them. However, most of us still use small scale flour mill in flour milling. While, what are the advantages and disadvantages of small scale flour mill machine? Below we will compare the price, size, process and production capacity of large and medium-sized flour mill machinery to do the contrast.

        1. Production: due to the small size problem, production capacity is also different according to different voltage. It is more appropriate for small scale flour mill plant, for large scale flour mill plants. Small production is relatively a disadvantage.

        2. Price: there is no need to say, large flour mill machinery must be more expensive.

       3. Process: small type makes it is difficult to process bond flour, and relatively for large flour mill machinery, its flour yield and efficiency is low.

        4. Size: small scale flour mill has simple structure, small area cover, the installation and operation is simple, excellent performance is another advantages.

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